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Daniel has been at the forefront of advanced hair colour innovation since 1978.

His first big challenge was to come up with a non-odorous replacement for ammonia. This alternative chemical, ethernolamine was used by P&G for the first demi-permanent hair colour called Future Tone by Faberge.

In1984 Daniel created the first non-ammoniated permanent home hair colour range for Antiqua Herboristoria based in Rome

In1988 Daniel introduced this colour with 30 intermixable shades into the UK and became the first hair colourist in the world who didn't use ammonia in permanent hair colour. In1994 Daniel introduced the first salon professional, non-ammoniated permanent hair colour, Organic and Mineral Permanent Colour with around100 shades.

Many salons nowadays use non-ammoniated permanent hair colour. Unfortunately, whilst the lack of odour is preferable, the standard non ammoniated permanent hair colour is too strong and can easily cause hair damage and scalp irritation that is far worse even ammonia based permanent hair colourants.

Our non-ammoniated permanent hair colouring does not and never has caused any scalp irritation or hair damage, in fact it helps soothe scalp irritation and rehydrate the hair.


Regular salons still use high lift colourants, oil and powdered hydrogen peroxide developer to lighten the hair. Recently, some salons started to use a product called Olaplex to try to minimise the serious hair damage bleaching generally causes.

Having discovered how to prevent hair degradation from a powerful oxidisation process like bleaching, in 1987 Daniel Field created The Natural Lightening System. (formerly known as Seaweed Lightener)  This was then, and is still now, undoubtedly the most important breakthrough in hair bleaching technology. The Natural Lightening System allows the oxidization required to lighten the hair to take place as normal, but without comparable damage. There is no loss of processing speed or degree of lightening. Our salon is filled with clients who have highlights, yet their hair condition remains perfect.


Most salons use colour strippers to remove hair dyes like 'Effasor Colour Remover' from L’Oréal and 'Colour Charm Colour Remover by Wella. These both act like bleach and unfortunately damage the hair. 

Daniel Field reduces and removes hair dye without peroxide or bleaching methods. Daniel uses a special combination which contains both Vitamin C and cystine amino acids. This slowly reverses the oxidisation of the hair dye molecules within the hair without stripping them out. As these molecules start to shrink we rinse off at the appropriate time. This process is very flexible, if the dye molecules are already too small we can quickly reverse the process by degrees until the remaining colour is perfect.

The quality of the hair is improved quite significantly. We use this method to remove hair dye completely or partially using a variety of application methods such as, all over reduction, in patchy areas and most often as subtle highlights.


Many hair coloring effects do not involve lightening the hair, just adding colour; effects like grey coverage, enriching, or darkening the hair. Peroxide is a bleaching agent, so why use bleach for adding colour? The reason is, that in a regular salon even black hair dye requires hydrogen peroxide developer to activate. 

In 1988 Daniel Field became the first person to discover how to add colour to the hair without using any form of added peroxide developer. This system is called Water Colour.  It was a breakthrough then and is still now. Water Colour is the first water-activated hair colouring range of it’s kind that is highly effective at covering even 100% white/grey hair, enriching, and darkening. Water Colour is completely harmless and is made without the common hair dye allergen, PPD.  Suitable for covering any hair type, virgin, chemically coloured, bleached or grey hair. Water Colour can be used to tone, blend in grey like a demi, or provide more solid coverage like a permanent tint. Water Colour Non Lightening does not lift the natural colour, it simply adds colour, without any scalp irritation, hair damage or increased processing times. Water Colour is long-lasting  and is generally topped-up monthly.



Most semi and permanent hair colorants, including hair bleach, rely on hydrogen peroxide developer to work. Any type of oxidization damages protein, and your hair is made up of 97% keratin protein. Cosmetic chemists tried for years to oxidize hair without hair damage. 

In 1987 Daniel Field became the first person to crack this problem by creating the world's first harmless developer/peroxide. Fruity Booster replaced standard developer/peroxides and has become an industry changing product.

Other salons that replace their peroxide developer with our Fruity Booster, using it like for like with their own hair colourants, achieve greatly improved coloring results.


It could be a kink, an off fringe, curly side bits, curly top section, afro, chemo curls, whatever; relaxing hair has always been just about the most damaging thing you can do to hair and to your health. The chemicals used to relax or straighten hair are very strong, and severe hair damage from hair straightening is more common than any other form of chemical salon service. 

In 2008, Brazilian Keratin Treatments came onto the market and were banned in 2011. They are very dangerous, containing formaldehyde which can cause cancer, many salons still use them despite this. 

In 2010 Daniel Field created the first formaldehyde and harsh chemical free Natural Relaxer System.  If your hair has too much movement, we can relax it without any harmful chemicals. This isn’t a complete straightener but afterwards, your hair will be much easier to manage, smoother, shinier than ever before, even in wet weather. The effect is permanent and will last until the hair grows out. Root regrowth can be touched up as required and most people have this done twice a year.



Regular salons tend to use treatments such Olaplex to restructure chemically damaged hair. We don’t find this works anywhere near as well as our solution.

In 2017 Daniel Field created a restructuring treatment that transforms even extremely chemically damaged hair.  This treatment is applied and left on for 30 minutes. We then rinse your hair, your hair is ready for cutting or blowdrying and we need only run the irons over lightly for a few seconds to retain all body, and remove all frizz for around four months.

We can also supply you with Weekly Strengthening Treatment to boost this long-term treatment.


Regular salons provide smoothing treatments designed to remove frizz without loss of body, this is often a lengthy and costly procedure which can cause the hair to lighten and a loss of body.

In 2011 Daniel Field created a simple and 100% natural treatment, which is applied and left on for 30 minutes. We then rinse your hair, your hair is ready for cutting or blowdrying, and we run the irons over lightly for a few seconds to retain all body yet remove all frizz for around four months.



During the perming process, the hair structure goes through three stages to take on its new shape:

Softening - Once the perm lotion is applied, the perm lotion swells the hair cuticle layers and enters the cortex. 

The perm lotion deposits hydrogen, which attaches itself to the hair structure’s disulphide bonds. These bonds are broken and become sulphide bonds. 

Moulding - once this happens the hair is now in a state to change to the new shape of the perming rod.

Fixing - This is the final stage of the perming process, once the processing has completed and the perm lotion has been removed with complete rinsing using hott-ish water, a neutralising product is applied. The neutraliser removes the hydrogen created during the softening and moulding stage and adds oxygen. The broken disulphide bonds reform and the hair is fixed in the new shape of the perming rods.

Regular salons perm hair far less nowadays. The lack of demand is understandable. people are aware that perming damages hair quality. Regular perms often result in hair left swollen, weakened and dull. This results in the hair becoming over-stretchy when wet which causes the hair to frizz easily and break off far more easily. 

In 1990 Daniel Field created a new perming system that minimizes hair damage. The hair is left silky, shiny, strong and looking completely natural without any frizz.   


Regular salons tend to use treatments such Olaplex to restructure chemically damaged hair. We don’t find this works anywhere near as well as our solution.

In 2017 Daniel Field has created a restructuring treatment which transforms even extremely chemically damaged hair. This treatment is applied and left on for 30 minutes. We then rinse your hair and your hair is ready for cutting or blowdrying, we then run the irons over lightly, this retains all body and removes all frizz for around four months.

We can also supply you with our Weekly Strengthening Treatment to boost this long-term treatment.

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